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Wedoimport - a unit of Swastik Agencies was founded in 2006 with a mission to simplify the Importing trade between Indian companies and their respective suppliers in China. No matter the size of the product you need, we import the same from the China market at competitive prices. From corporate gifts, home decor, soft toys, daily consumables, sanitary-ware, bathroom fitting, Play school equipment to Home decor, Cycles, Crockery, Furniture, Industrial Equipment, Security systems, machinery parts, medical equipment, electrical components and many more OEM Products for our clients we have covered all the products under our service list. We can bring you items from over 20 international brands apart from the other supplies we make possible.

Factories we've worked with

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Multiple Suppliers

If your product has acute requirements, it is predictable that it is found available with different suppliers in parts. Half of the order is available at one supplier, and the other half somewhere else - is a common scene.

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Mixed Container

If you a small order, we combine that with the orders received from other customers so you have your cost savings on your order. So no thinking twice based on the quantity of your order - we take care of it irrespective of that.

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Wedoimport streamlines the entire process from innovation to sales; from finding your optimum supplier to ensuring compliance and delivery on time, Wedoimport is your partner in China.


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